Aromatherapy Fragrance Roll-ons

Aromatherapy Fragrance Roll-ons



Palo Santo when paired with this elegant dark aged Patchouli, one has a blend that harnesses the earth’s energy, creating an inviting physical experience. This grounding blend welcomes in prosperity and the embodiment of desire.

Scent: Deeply Unisex, woodsy citrus notes grounded in a warm oriental spice. 


Golden Amber starts with Peru balsams’ mild, rich aroma that is woody, vanilla-like and calming. Adding Frankincense and Amyris further warms this blend, creating a comforting and heart chakra opening atmosphere.

Scent: Warm inviting, slightly sweet and musky. Evocative, one of the most sensual of the fragrances.

HOLY WOOD Energetically Cleansing

Palo Santo has been revered for centuries as a spiritual remedy to purify, aid in meditation and enhance creativity. This blend’s clearing qualities are uplifted by the mood elevating and aphrodisiac natures of Rosewood & Bergamot.

Scent: Lightly woodsy, a hint of citrus and mild spiciness from Bois De Rose. 

COPAL CEREMONY Transformation

Deep beneath the bark of the family of Bursera trees resides a harbinger of invisible movement and change. The life blood transforming sap to resin, which is Copal. Copal aids to clarify, align chakras and uplift energy. A mischievous scent to capture, as it rolls beautifully into incense, yet as an essential oil does not translate, keeping the mystery for one to recreate.

Scent: Warm and sensual, reminiscent of the tropics comfort and wildness, melting into the subtle smoke of a sacred ritual.


Woodsy Hinoki from the heartwood of the Japanese cypress is historically used to energize and uplift the spirit. Adding in Blood orange aids in calming agitation while Amyris brings in grounding earth elements to the meditative nature of this mixture. 

Scent: Smokey woods with a mellowing citrus sweetness. Recommended therapeutically to quickly ground, centering the body, mind and soul. 


Cedarwood since ancient times has been used for meditative and relaxing qualities. Combined with Sage & Balsam Fir, for their ability to strengthen senses and vital chakras, one has with this blend the trifecta of mind, body and spirit. 

Scent: Fresh energetic Sage, drying down with a hint of Blood orange, finished with three deep soft woods from the Sandalwood family.

All scents are 100% pure essential oils, diluted in Jojoba. Apply to pulse points. As with nature each blend is unique, patch test recommended.  

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