Ethereal Candles Copal Ceremony, Golden Amber, Earth

Ethereal Candles Copal Ceremony, Golden Amber, Earth

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COPAL CEREMONY Transformation

Deep beneath the bark of a tree resides a harbinger of invisible movement and change. The life blood of one of these ancients at work, transforming sap to resin, is Copal. Copal Ceremony aids to clarify, align chakras and uplift energy. Enhanced with Frankincense, this blend is a journey into oneself.


Golden Amber starts with Peru balsams’ mild, rich aroma that is woody, vanilla-like and calming. Adding Frankincense and Amyris further warms this blend, creating a comforting and heart chakra opening atmosphere.

EARTH Protective

Vetiver has earthly, calming, and stabilizing e ects. When blended with two citrus notes it takes on a sensual, primal scent, excellent for calming the nerves and relaxing the spirit. 

First light: burn until the wax is completely liquefied edge to edge to avoid tunneling and keep wick trimmed to 1/4". 

Pure soy wax, scented 100% with essential oils, cotton wick. Synthetic & chemical-free.

Burn times: 100 hours, 13 oz. $45 \ 50 hours, 6 oz. $35

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