Illuminating Wood Candles Hinoki Forest, Reverence, Otherworldly

Illuminating Wood Candles Hinoki Forest, Reverence, Otherworldly

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Woodsy Hinoki from the heartwood of the Japanese cypress is historically used to energize and uplift the spirit. Adding in Blood orange aids in calming agitation while Amyris brings in grounding earth elements to the meditative nature of this mixture.

REVERENCE Illuminating

Balsam fir with Sandalwood grounds the body and empowers the mind, which is useful when feeling emotionally unbalanced. The purest of reverence for these essential oils to focus energy and bring you to a centered, powerful state. 


Cedarwood since ancient times has been used for meditative and relaxing qualities. Combined with Sage & Balsam Fir, for their ability to strengthen senses and vital chakras, one has with this blend the trifecta of mind, body and spirit. 

First light: burn until the wax is completely liquefied edge to edge to avoid tunneling and keep wick trimmed to 1/4". 

Pure soy wax, scented 100% with essential oils, cotton wick. Synthetic & chemical-free.

Burn times: 100 hours, 13 oz. $45 \ 50 hours, 6 oz. $35 

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