Aromatherapy Bath And Shower Drops

Aromatherapy Bath And Shower Drops


RESPIRE Oxygenating Niaouli, Scotch Pine & Eucalyptus

Breathe deep, awaken your body and energize your cells with these therapeutic herbal drops. One of our oldest blends, this staple we use daily in the shower for a morning steam. To ease congestion from colds and allergies Respire doubles as a chest rub, and massage oil for blocked sinuses. 

ELEVATE Uplifting Balsam Fir, Grapefruit & Spruce

Unabashedly woodsy and fresh these drops clarify, calming the mind, body & spirit with the intention to ground and center. Use this blend in the shower to help respiratory problems, calm the nerves and oxygenate the body while quickening the senses and elevating mood. We should rename this 'get out the door and enjoy life', as this is our secret to making social events at the end of the day or on the weekend. 

Use as a steam in the shower, to bathe fill the bath and agitate the water to disperse. To ease congestion overnight put a few drops on a tissue in your pillowcase. Both blends are cut with a Jojoba for sensitive skin. Rinse tub or shower after use. Not recommended for young children, diagnostic purposes, Pregnancy or compromised health, please consult your health provider on personal compatibility.


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