Peace Candle Oud And Palo Santo War Child + Morphologically Collaboration

Peace Candle Oud And Palo Santo War Child + Morphologically Collaboration


PEACE Serenity

Ceremonial plants have been used throughout history to tap into the sacred quietude that lies at the soul's core. This blend connects one to Mother Earth through ethically orchard grown Agarwood, also known as Oud, Palo Santo & Australian Sandalwood. Gently awakening the compassionate spirit of humanity, empowering love, and inspiring us to dream.

100% of your purchase supports War Child USA's efforts to empower women to become the authors of their own future through education and small business training.  

The work War Child does goes far beyond aid. Instead of bringing short-term help to communities in conflict and post-conflict zones, this organization changes lives-- providing hope, and long-term support to women and children in these areas-- empowering them to help themselves. 

To learn more about the impact of your purchase, read Shaima's story. 

 This blend was created over a year ago, pulling together some of the more ancient, grounding, & sacred essences from my collection. Precious, I would use it in small amounts as an anointing oil, little did I know it was waiting for a higher purpose. So Grateful, Enjoy. ~ M


First light: burn until the wax is completely liquefied edge to edge to avoid tunneling and keep wick trimmed to 1/4". 

Pure soy wax, scented 100% with essential oils, cotton wick. Synthetic & chemical-free. 

Burn time: 50 hours, 6 oz. $38

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