Ritual Travel Tins

Ritual Travel Tins

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EMBER Awakening

Tonka Bean, indulgent with warm herbal and soft tobacco undertones, is commonly called the oil of initiation. Historically used for emotional & spiritual transition. Rosewood’s aphrodisiac nature nurtures the heart and sacral chakras while stimulating the nervous system. A touch of clove with its outward Yang flow is used to awaken the mind & invigorate the senses. An emboldening blend to support the spark of new beginnings.

SOL Verdant

Petitgrain & Bergamot: two parts of the same soothing tree, blend together as a harmoniously fresh, green scent. Petitgrain is used for centering, inviting a more open & compassionate view. Bergamot, an adaptogen used for relieving depression, brings balance by gently uplifting and calming the mind. Cabreuva rounds out the mix - easing breath & lowering physical inhibitions. A lush synergy ideal for refreshing the spirit.

LICHEN Euphoria

Coffea Arabica begins: a rich aroma with subtle notes of earth and cocao. Mossy and full bodied redolence is elevated by geranium; this essential oil invokes a blissful response from the endocrine system, balancing stress and anxiety. Elegant and dark, aged Patchouli induces a euphoric element, creating an inviting physical & spiritual experience. This blend welcomes in the subtle spice of black pepper for a warming aphrodisiac.

14oz Ritual Candle approx Burn 100hrs $50, 4oz Travel Tins 25hrs $25

Pure soy wax, 100% Essential oil scented, Cotton wick

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