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Body & Textile Sprays

The Holy Wood Collection

The Holy Wood Collection builds on the foundation of sacred wood essences. Each blend starts from these ancient roots, honoring their place in healing, energetic cleansing and illumination. 

Body & Textile Sprays


Body & Textile Sprays


HOLY WOOD Energetically Cleansing

Palo Santo has been revered for centuries as a spiritual remedy to purify, aid in meditation and enhance creativity. This blend’s clearing qualities are uplifted by the mood elevating and aphrodisiac natures of Rosewood & Bergamot (Bergapten-Free). 


Palo Santo when paired with this elegant dark aged Patchouli, one has a blend that harnesses the earth’s energy, creating an inviting physical experience. This grounding blend welcomes in prosperity and the embodiment of desire.

SOL Verdant

Petitgrain and Bergamot: two parts of the same soothing tree, blend together as a harmoniously fresh, green scent. Petitgrain is used for centering, inviting a more open and compassionate view of oneself and of others. Bergamot, an adaptogen used for relieving depression, brings balance by gently uplifting, and calming the mind. A spacious synergy ideal for refreshing the spirit. * Bergamot used for application is always Bergapten-Free to avoid sunburns xo your redheaded aromatherapist.

REST Therapeutic Herbalism (ON SALE!)

A relaxing blend to settle an overactive mind and body for a natural deep sleep. The synergistic harmony of Blood orange and Marjoram lowers stress levels, calms the central nervous system, and aids in deeper breathing. Valerian, a well known sedative with a long history of use in treating insomnia or restless slumber, wraps up the night. 

Apply liberally to textiles, bed linens, clothing and your surroundings. 

*Please Note: Valerian at the best of times as an essential oil is a distinct smell. However it is softened with the other notes, it's an acquired taste. one worth embracing, as the effect this plant has on sleep cycles is unrivaled. Check out the Sleep roll on which in a jojoba base for insomnia should you and Valerian not jive, much milder in scent.

Shake vigorously before use as no emulsifiers are used. All blends contain 100% pure essential oils with distilled water in a steel bottle lined for aromatherapy use. Potential Dermal irritant as a body spray based on your biochemistry, patch test recommended.


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