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Therapeutic Roll-ons

The Holy Wood Collection

The Holy Wood Collection builds on the foundation of sacred wood essences. Each blend starts from these ancient roots, honoring their place in healing, energetic cleansing and illumination. 

Therapeutic Roll-ons


Therapeutic Roll-ons


COMFORT Natural Analgesic & Allergy Relief

Comfort is a blend constructed with one sole purpose, to give some green relief. Relaxing muscle aches, tension, allergies and physical pain. This thoughtful mix offers analgesic, anti-inflammatory and histamine relieving benefits straight from nature. 

Peppermint, Spruce, lavender and eucalyptus are diluted in jojoba to be massaged directly onto affected, sore and tense areas. Chest and Sinus application recommended, avoiding the eye area, for allergies, congestion and sinus pressure.

Avoid contact with broken skin, eyes and orifices, Not recommended for children.

REST Astral

A pleasing therapeutic blend to settle an overactive mind and body for a natural deep sleep. A synergistic harmony of Blood Orange to lower stress levels, calming the central nervous system, Marjoram which can aid in deeper breathing while quieting nervous tension and Valerian a well known sedative with a long history of use in treating insomnia or restless slumber.

One of the quickest pathways into the body is through the feet, an epicenter of nerve endings and reflexology points. This blend is diluted in Jojoba oil to be massaged into the feet, wrists and temples prior to bed.

Not Recommended for use during pregnancy or with children.

CELESTIAL BODY  Hormonal Balance 

Celestial Body has been blended with reverence to help achieve female hormonal balance. Naturally high in phytoestrogens this roll-on is beneficial for PMS, menstrual discomfort and pain associated with fibroids. Clary Sage, Geranium and Valerian are a powerful trinity, acting in harmony with their antispasmodic, antidepressant qualities and organic estrogen compounds, making it an invaluable synergy for uterine health and comfort. 

Massage into hips, lower back and abdomen area when needed. Use starting a week before and throughout menstruation, applying daily.

Not Recommended for use during pregnancy or for children.


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