Meet Shaima

Kabul, Afghanistan

Two years ago, Shaima was illiterate and her children were unable to attend school. Today, she owns her own tailoring business, employing 50 women in her community, and her children are back in the classroom where they belong.

War Child first met Shaima after a door to door campaign led by a local partner agency to identify women like Shaima — the most impoverished, vulnerable and highest risk women and children. For a year, along with 150 other women, Shaima and her school-aged children were enrolled in a combination program that provided literacy and skills training, counseling, and early childhood education so she didn’t have to worry about their care during the day. The men in her family were involved too, ensuring that women’s participation was socially accepted.

After a year of comprehensive training, Shaima received a loan for her new tailoring business. The first person she hired was her husband, and she taught him how to use a sewing machine. She enrolled her children in school and is now fully literate.

With the money she made in the first year, Shaima bought more machines and hired more women and trained them herself. Today, Shaima has fifty employees and is an influential woman in her community.
For every success story like Shaima’s, there are millions of women in conflict zones around the world without an education or the opportunity to create a better life for themselves or their families. Together with Morphologically & War Child's collaboration, your purchase will help empower them with the chance to thrive.